vinylOS is an alternative controller game console and media art installation based on a DJ turntable. The turntable is transformed into a screen by projecting onto it from above. Simultaneously it takes on the role of the input-device: by spinning, scratching or rewinding the vinyl you can control games or other audiovisual content.

vinylOS is not just one game on a turntable but is meant to be a turntable console. So far there are two games available for vOS but more (also from third party developers) are planned.

vinylOS was being developed as a joint project together with Josef Wiesner.

In 2017 it won the A Maze Audience Award.

It is part of the permanent exhibition of the Game Science Center, Berlin.

Currently the installation is being rent out by Random Bazar.


The Vienna based collective SOYBOT is big in DIY Zines and awesome illustrations.
As I am fascinated by the lofi aesthetics and cheapness of thermal prints I decided to develop a coin operated printing machine for them.
Lena Gold did a colorful job designing and building the outside, while I was responsible for programming and electronics.

Insert 50c and a very sophisticated algorithm will generate and print out a unique character constructed out of randomly selected parts (head, body, tail) made by Soybot artists.


Thermobooth is a different kind of photo booth.
Actually, it isn’t a booth at all, but:

The Thermobooth features a shutter release system in which skin contact between two or more people triggers a set of processes that result in a glorious lo-fi instant thermal-printed picture.
Yes, it takes a picture when you touch each other!

Thermobooth was conceived together with Talia Radford of taliaYstudio.

The project was made possible by departure and the collaboration project “Illuminating Technology” with Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH.