vinylOS is an alternative controller game console and media art installation based on a DJ turntable. The turntable is transformed into a screen by projecting onto it from above. Simultaneously it takes on the role of the input-device: by spinning, scratching or rewinding the vinyl you can control games or other audiovisual content.

vinylOS is not just one game on a turntable but is meant to be a turntable console. So far there are two games available for vOS but more (also from third party developers) are planned.

vinylOS was being developed as a joint project together with Josef Wiesner & Ana Jeličić

In 2017 the project was awarded the Content Vienna 2017.

In 2017 it won the A Maze Audience Award.

It is part of the permanent exhibition of the Game Science Center, Berlin.

Currently the installation is being rent out by Random Bazar.